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Smite Season 3 Relegations - Week 2

An amazing week 2 for Smite open bracket relegations, with Team Flex winning the NA spot and Team Astro taking it for Europe. This poses a big threat to the Championship Series winners along with the teams holding the Relegation spots in both divisions, as the Open Bracket has been brutal in its level of competition.

Current standings:


Rank Teams Next Game
SPL #7 Myrmidons March 5th
SPL #8 Team JusTus March 5th
CC - #1 Torpedo Gaming February 27th
CC - #2 Team Leftovers February 27th
OB Leftovers February 27th
OB Team Astro February 27th

North America:

Rank Teams Next Game
SPL #7 Denial Esports March 6th
SPL #8 Elevate March 6th
CC - #1 NeilM February 28th
CC - #2 Risky Behavior February 28th
OB Problem Solved February 28th
OB Team Flex February 28th


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