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Smite Season 3 Relegations - Phase 3 Results

And the results are in for Phase 3 of Smite Season 3 Relegations! This weekend's matches were quick and brutal, with clean sweeps in all but 1 of the match-ups. Let's see who played and who won!


Les Myrmidons was able to take game 1 against Team Leftovers, but the victory was short lived. Team Leftovers will be joining the Spring Split with their 3-1 win over Myrmidons. We're sad to see Myrmidons out of the race, but hope to see them again during the Challenger Cup.

Next up was Reason Gaming vs Torpedo....Gaming. Reason Gaming had some luck with picks and bans, but couldn't find their footing. In the end, it was three up, three down, with Torpedo Gaming sweeping the series 3-0.

North America

In what was probably the most awaited series, Team Flex went up against Denial eSports (update on them in another post). Team Flex swept the series 3-0 in short order, heading into the Spring Split with a solid team composition.

And finally, Problem Solved faced off against The Randozos (eLevate) in a 3-0 series favoring Problem Solved. Problem Solved will be joining Team Flex in the Spring Split, while we hope to hear more fromThe Randozos in the coming months.


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